Management Systems

Each course is custom-fit to meet the particular challenges of the participants, their work, their organizations and their country. Each covers the values, knowledge areas and skills needed to develop the participants' expertise in that particular field. But Paibare does not stop there, it also includes basic competencies needed by the Professional to be triumphant in that field, such as communication, computer, leadership and writing skills.

Public Administration – Innovation & Agility: Understand how cities and towns work with government to realize goals

Governance in the Public Sector - Providing models for good governance and introducing principles for reinventing government. Explores Entrepreneurial Government and Stewardship Best Practices to ensure transparency, accountability and innovation in the public sector. What's more, this course introduces the participants to E-Governance - its benefits, challenges and the requirements for introducing E-Governance in their organizations.

Strategic Planning & Management in the Public Sector - Skills training to help Planners and other Professionals understand the cycle of development planning, critically analyze various planning approaches and techniques, and learn to adapt these approaches to their local situation.

Project Development & Management - A hands-on training that walks the participant through the stages of project work - from project identification and developing feasibility studies to closing the project and writing the project proposal.

Strategic Human Resource Management - Traces the evolution of people management, equips the participants with the fundamentals of Human Resource Management, and then focuses on the current revolution in the field of Human Resource Management - including Workforce Analytics, Change Management, Performance Management and Creating People-centric Organizations

Accounting & Financial Management - Reviews with the participants the fundamentals of Finance, then challenges the participants to raise the bar of excellence in Financial Management, by introducing upcoming trends in the field, such as technology-based systems, Green Accounting and Public Expenditure Management.

Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector - The course walks the participants through the fundamentals of Inventory and Procurement; then invites them to explore the exciting world of E-Procurement

Technical Fields

Urban & Regional Planning - Develop the ability to plan for the growth of urban, suburban & rural communities. Visit places in the Philippines that illustrate different concepts of urban and regional planning. Interact with the professionals who were involved in the planning of commercial, institutional and housing zones.

Water & Ecological Sanitation Systems - Understand the critical issues related to the field of water and sanitation and explore the many solutions available to communities and governments. This course includes the basic concepts of ecological sanitation and provides the participants with an appreciation of the urgency of coming up with more environment friendly solutions

Construction Management - A much-sought after course in Paibare, where participants learn the fundamentals of Construction Management and visit on-going construction sites. These visits enable them to interact with their counterparts, discussing very specific areas of concern in the field of construction. Includes special topics in construction, such as Safety Management; Contract Management and Community Mobilization.

Entrepreneurship Skills for Small Business - A course that enable individuals and groups to own, manage and expand their own businesses. The course emphasizes socially responsible business and adheres to the principle of serving others through enterprise. Each training is unique because the situation, potentials and aspirations of each participant shape the design of the training - such that at the end of the course, the participant is able to apply specific ideas and strategies to his or her business.

Behavior Change Communication - A uniquely Paibare brand of Training that helps participants develop strategies, plans and skills to transform their lives through behavior change communication. An intensive course that includes structured learning exercises, workshops and practice sessions; the training is fun and exciting.

Disaster/Emergency Management - An intensive course that walks the participants through the key phases of Disaster Management - Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation. The various natural and man-made disasters are covered, specially those critical to the countries of the participants. The course includes the use of GIS in the management of disasters. It includes visits to areas in the Philippines that have been through disasters, giving the participants a first-hand look at the effects of disaster and, often, the lessons of hope in the face of difficulty.

Community Management - A course for change agents, committed to making a difference in the lives of others. The course explores the key ingredients of a strong community management framework. At each step, the training hones the change agent values and skills necessary to triumph in this meaningful field of work.

Training of Trainers - A course very close to the heart of Paibare, fulfilling our dream to multiply professionals in the field of adult eduction and development work. This is an intensive course that builds the skills of trainers to facilitate meaningful and life-long learning of their clients, employees and constituencies. It covers the array of Trainer skills, all the way from Training Needs Assessment and Training Designing, to Training Management, Conducting Lectures, Facilitating Skills and Training Evaluation.

Information and Communication Technology

Information is the backbone of today’s governance and management scenario, whether we are dealing with nations, corporations or micro-enterprises. As technology progresses, these systems are enhanced, gathering data becomes easier, delivery of information is made possible and more sophisticated analyses become available. Paibare conducts a wide variety of ICT courses, including

Finance Software: QuickBooks and ACL
Network Administration
Linux Systems Administration & Management
SQL, Oracle and Data Base Management
Geographic Information System
Advanced Computer Aided Drafting and 3-D Max
Web Design & Development
Project Management of Business
SPSS and Stata
Adobe Photoshop

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