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Paibare is a fellowship of development professionals with varied backgrounds. Founded in 2004, its mission is to enable people to help themselves through training programs and development projects. Initially setting its sights on disadvantaged communities, Paibare has since partnered with top private companies and government institutions here and abroad to serve their training, research, technology and other organization development needs.

Its partners and clients include : UNICEF, HealthPro, the Government of the Philippines, the Royal Government of Bhutan, Development Bank of the Philippines, Institute for People Power & Development, Pilipinas Shell, Diebold Philippines, Procter & Gamble International, the Philippine Federation of Credit Cooperatives, NCR League of Credit Cooperatives, German Technical Cooperation, USAID, ICS, Ninoy Aquino Foundation, Local Government of Bohol and the City Government of Malabon.

The Origin of the name “Paibare”

Paibare is a character in the epic “Barter in Panay” by Ricaredo Demetillo. Paibare, a young man orphaned by enemies of his tribe that drove them out of their homeland, traveled to Panay Island in search of a new home. Encountering the Panay natives, his people then negotiated for the purchase of land. In the course of negotiations. Paibare offered himself as a hostage – an “insurance” of his people’s good intentions. Through his integrity and honesty, Paibare impressed the natives resulting to a granting of permission to make a new home in Panay.

Paibare’s character reflects Paibare Corporation’s philosophy--- while, we cannot claim to be part of the communities or organizations we serve, but we promise to conduct ourselves with integrity befitting our respect for the people we serve.

Happening Now: 
Happening Now: 

What's hot this month? You're IN it! Paibare launches their interactive website - a place where the Paibare Family of Learners can learn, refresh their Paibare experiences, relive their Paibare memories or simply to relax and join in the fun!

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