The Paibare Legacy Pool

Uncovering Paibare's Hidden Treasure

Meet the Paibare Teachers, Facilitators and Experts, what we fondly call our Legacy Pool.

Over the years, Paibare has tapped over 50 Professionals to conduct our learning sessions. They are seasoned and internationally renowned professionals, experts in their individual fields.

Paibare puts a premium on practitioners who not only have the academic qualifications, but more importantly vast experience in their areas of expertise. Their wisdom is invaluable as they share with participants practical, tested solutions to real-life work situations. The learning does not happen in the formal session alone, most of the Experts willingly and unselfishly coach and mentor the trainees in informal sessions. Our trainees tell us, that this informal avenues for conversation is were they often get their most powerful learning.

Happening Now: 
Happening Now: 

Meet Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, one of Paibare's beloved member of the Legacy Pool

"The depth and breadth of Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan's arsenal of knowledge, skills and experience is made even more powerful by the utter simplicity by which he is able to teach these to others.

Few people have bridged the divide between the field and the Boardroom like Jimmy: from being a Doctor in remote villages in the Philippines to being Philippine Department of Health Secretary; from vast experience in Asian traditional healing to modern western medicine; from hands-on participatory research in remote villages to international policy...

He translates this vast knowledge into concepts that people understand. He takes the time to listen, to understand communities, to experiment with concepts, and; in all these, he shares incessantly. Whether it is healing, teaching, community organizing or governing; he perfects his craft and re-invents himself constantly. And he does so with such infectious passion, and a genuine love for people"

Paibare Memories: 
Paibare Memories: 

Local artist and national pride, Joey Ayala, shares original filipino music with Bhutanese participants