Meet the Paibare Family of Learners

Get to know the Paibare Family of Learners

In the forefront of Paibare's Family of Learners are the thousands of graduates that have blessed Paibare with their hunger for knowledge, their sharing of a wide array of knowledge and wisdom, their patience at our missteps and, most importantly, their wonderful presence in our lives.

Legacy Pool
But the true power of Paibare is in its Legacy Pool - an amazing pool of Experts who love to share. They are practitioners who have made it in their own fields and are raring to share the treasury of knowledge they amassed over the years to people hungry to learn.

Equally valuable are Paibare partners who walk hand-in-hand with Paibare to enable people, communities and environments. Organizations, government agencies and companies who open their doors to our international participants to share their best practices, to interact with the participants in the meaningful sharing of experiences - they provide the most important component of the learning process. The true spirit of Filipino generosity is manifested time after time, as these organizations unselfishly welcome international trainees. Paibare is proud to be Filipino!

Reserve Corps
Our Reserve Corps is God's gift to Paibare - valuable professionals, friends and partners who step in to help Paibare when we have our hands full. To you guys - Many many thanks!

Core Team
At the core of Paibare is a small, mostly young :) professionals, eager to serve. Paibare believes that each day we spend with a training participant is a day we may never have again - so we try to make each day meaningful. We have moments of pure joy as we celebrate God's faithfulness in allowing and enabling us to touch people's lives.

We don't always succeed. But these are the moments that enable us to say "sorry" and to promise to try even harder. Out of these moments of weakness, arose some of our more inspired ideas to reinvent ourselves, to serve better and yes, love more :)

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