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Paibare has conducted over 100 courses for more than 1000 international graduates; and over 25 training programs for more than 1,500 local graduates in the Philippines. Courses range from in-demand subjects, such as Financial Management, to highly specialized subjects, such as Maintenance of Pharmaceutical Equipment and Moodle.

Most frequently requested courses are related to Finance; ICT; Management; Construction & Engineering; Supply Chain Management; Human Resource Management; Health; Banking & Insurance; Communication; and, Planning, Policy & Research.

Specialized Courses include Environmental Management Systems; Justice & Legal; Land Management; Agriculture; and; Security.

Paibare has recently devoted time to develop and conduct Business Management Training Modules - Micro-Entrepreneurship; Customer Relations Management; Business Finance and Marketing.

Paibare designed and conducted Behavior-Change Communication Modules for a wide variety of users - from Community-based Health Volunteers, Health Professionals, Business Frontliners, Counselors and Educators.

Paibare is committed to the Training of Trainers and Leaders, believing that success comes in multiplying the number of people who can empower others. Close to Paibare's heart are next generation Leaders, Facilitators and Trainers - equipping them with not just knowledge but the ability to create, innovate and spearhead new avenues of learning.

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