The Think Card

The Think Card is a Paibare Learning Tool

Visualization is a potent force for learning - Think Cards provide a way of capturing the ideas of every member of a learning group.

Paibare Core Team Member, Patrick Santos used to say - "You don't have to ask permission to think".

With Think Cards, everybody is encouraged to think, what's more, that idea is shared with everyone in the learning group. Each idea is as important as the other. As the room is filled with one idea after the other - the group visualizes their collective thinking; they see where they differ and where there is synergy. Differences are respected, but are also discussed.

Whether as a brainstorming tool or a consensus -seeking method, the Think Card enables engagement through visualization and collaboration. That engagement and collaboration facilitates individual insight and also potent group learning.

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Watch Tom Wujec reveal how the brain creates meaning!
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"Writing on think cards is really an interesting part of the training" - Mr. Kencho

Paibare Memories: 
Paibare Memories: 

Community members illustrate their current situation. The entire family is engaged: fun, relationship-building and learning all at the same time!