Learning, the Paibare Way

Paibare offers a wide range of courses that are diverse and in tune to the needs of its trainees. These courses:

Seek to enhance their knowledge and skills through value-added activities, workshops, and even mentoring

Move beyond the confines of the classroom; study tours and field visits enable interaction with officials and executives of leading private and public agencies and institutions

Provide for the needed rest and recreation for participants to recharge via visits to the Philippine countryside or a city tour

An innovative approach to learning—this is the Paibare brand of training.

The training team continuously seeks ways to make learning flexible through the design of custom-made curriculums to fit needs. Courses are adapted to a trainees’ job, organization and country. Learners and trainers shift gears, as needed, going where others don’t want to go like one-on-one training or unconventional courses like the repair of pharmaceutical equipment, for example. It is the type of training that is “out of the box” serving a lot for less.

Paibare is likewise unselfish in the sharing of both knowledge and experience. As Paibare President, Jennifer Catindig stated We need to shift like a chameleon to meet head on the demands and idiosyncrasies of the hour

Happening Now: 

Paibare experiments with using Flash Video to teach - view the "Stories to Inspire" Flash and let us know what you think

Paibare Memories: