Reviving the entrepreneurial spirit

Last December 2011, Paibare sent core team members to Cambodia in a consultancy for ICS Cambodia. In a two-week span, team members conducted training workshops and facilitated focus group discussions on entrepreneurship with the ICS staff and their partners in the communities of Otdar Meanchey, Cambodia.
ICS plans to fund businesses in the province of Otdar Meanchey in order to stimulate the province’s economy and help alleviate poverty. Over time, the established businesses will return ICS’s investment and continue to function as a business.

The team members conducted entrepreneurship workshops aimed to equip the participants with the skills needed to start and manage their own businesses. Next were the focus group discussions with the prominent community leaders and the ICS staff.

The field visits revealed that the indigenous entrepreneurial spirit of Cambodia is quietly, but still very deeply ingrained, within the community. The participants were naturally skilled in networking, finances and in prototyping or experimenting businesses strategies based on intuition despite not being formally educated.

Paibare Memories: